Building a Startup – April 2018 Stats

In the last 30 days, I’ve attempted to not change any of the notification settings, nor did I advertise the business. Might sound strange, but I wanted to ensure a steller experience and you only have one chance at a first impression. You can’t make a good impression with a load of bugs. The goal […]

April 2018 – Updates

Below is a copy of our monthly newsletter for April 2018 Salutations, Thank you all for participating in Piglet Beta #3! This month I’ve refunded a total of ~$2000 for those who completed the monthly survey. If you’d like to save money, please fill it out!   March Recap During March we made steady improvements […]

Refer a Friend using Stripe and Rails in 15 Lines of Code

A referral program on a SaaS product can often be the difference between success and failure. A famous example of this is Dropbox, which aquired four million users in just fifteen months; their referral program likely driving the companies success (which is just about to IPO). For a one person shop, the trick is to […]

New Onboarding Process

In addition to the exciting news about our Refer a Friend Program, we also improved our onboarding. In this particular case, we’ve stolen a page from the Twitter onboarding process… We noticed we had a 100% convergence rate of customers (from trial to paying), if they were following at least five topics. It appears Twitter […]

Refer a Friend Program!

Today we’re happy to announce we’ve officially added our referral program! The details are below! Refer a Friend Get 90 days free subscription ($150 value) in 2 minutes or less! Here’s how it works: Refer someone you know providing the following link:<link on refer page for> They click on the link They sign up, […]