30%+ weekly returns using Piglet

One of the features added to ProjectPiglet.com this is called Trade Potential**. Trade Potential is a value ranging from negative one to positive one, provided on Piglet’s tracked assets (cryptocurrencies, stocks, etc.). A score of negative one is a very strong sell signal; where a score of positive one is a very strong buy signal. It’s essentially a tool which suggests short term market movements.

When to Buy (Using Trade Potential)

Over the past week, during the brief cryptocurrency “crash”, it became clear there was an opprotunity.

During the crash, ProjectPiglet.com notified the customers of the experts’ opinion change. When visiting the site and reviewing the Litecoin (LTC) asset, they were greeted with the following chart (photo taken a few days after).

From projectpiglet.com

Between January 15 and January 17, 2018 Litecoin (LTC) dropped roughly 25%. During the same period the experts felt it was unwarranted and were speaking positively about Litecoin (LTC). Thus, ProjectPiglet.com identified a positive Trade Potential of 1 or a very strong buy. This enabled the users following Litecoin (LTC) to buy at the low price of ~$150 – $170. Below is a chart off coinbase.com during the same period.

From coinbase.com

The initial buy notification went out on ProjectPiglet.com at 4pm, and continued through January 17th. Now, three to four days later, the price is fluctuating between $200 and $215, making it a clean 25% to 33% profit. Not bad for a few day investment. As usual, as a developer on Piglet, I like to put my money where my mouth is.

From coinbase.com

Which brings us to the next point…

When to Sell (Using Trade Potential)

One nice feature of using Trade Potential to invest, is that it has a bias towards selling – minimizing losses. As you may have noticed, I also sold my Litecoin(s) January 6th. At the time Litecoin (LTC) was right around $285 – and has been more-or-less declining ever since. The reason I sold, was the Trade Potential was at -1 or a very strong sell.

Note, that was right at the peak. The Expert Opinion line was falling below price (very quickly), and thus the Trade Potential recommended selling the assets, in this case Litecoin (LTC). In addition, the number of people speaking about Litecoin (LTC) dropped significantly (light orange/yellow bar), while at the same time there appears to have been a massive sell-off (blue bar).

For reference, the peak being discussed is in the below chart from coinbase.com.

From coinbase.com

As you can see, since the most recent peak (January 6th) there has been a ~29% reduction in asset worth[1].

Closing Remarks

Using Trade Potential over the past two weeks has not only saved me from losing roughly 30% of my earnings, but also has made me an additional roughly 33% profit. Putting me ahead of those following the buy-and-hold strategy, by a whopping ~53% – ~62% in just two weeks! Which goes to show, the price tag of $50 / month is quite minimal, when you can grow your net assets at this exceptional pace!

Now, that isn’t to say you can always grow at such a rate. The opportunity still needs to be there (i.e. volitility in the market). However, when it is there, ProjectPiglet.com is there to help! The only challenge personally, has been deciding to sell even when it looks like we are going to the moon (even though it’s about to come crashing down)!

From Tenor.com

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Calculations & Notes

[1] ((1.0 – ($207 / $291)) * 100% = 28.9%)

[2] ((1.33 – ($207 / $291)) * 100% = 61.86%)

** Note: “Trade Potential” is still being tested during the beta and is not guranteed to be accurate by any means. It is a tool to help you determine whether or not to buy, and is not a fully functioning advisor.

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