Beginning a Dev & Investment Diary

Per the suggestion of remirezg on, we’ve decided to start a “Dev Diary” and “Investment Diary”! In our case, it’ll be a bit unique, as we’ll be exploring the development of not only our system, but the accuracy and usage of our algorithms.

We realized when we started this, trust is everything. With that in mind, by providing insights to our successes and our failures, we hope to gain your trust.

In addition, or rather – to start us off. We will share of where we are at in our Litecoin | LTC investments, which we wrote about previously.

Litecoin Investing Continued

Around January 16th we purchased our first Litecoin using the new short-term advising system (just after release).


This enabled us to make some pretty substantial gains… or at least would have enabled us. Turns out Capital One, no longer accepts credit card purchases on Which lead to me purchasing the litecoin via a bank account.

Now, typically – I’d go, what the hell sounds great. Unfortunately, the next sell date suggested by was only a few days after – prior to my funds clearing.


Now, luckily it was only a soft sell, and I’m actually still holding the Litecoin (LTC), but this really shows a weakness in our “Trade Potential” algorithm. The algorithm does indeed work quite well for short term trades, however I’m really interested in the long term. Everyone, wants to know when the next 100x gains are coming, and right now does not make it clear.

That isn’t to say we don’t have plans in the works, we do. We’ve even had something in testing for the past six months. The fact is though, it’s a hard problem. I can show individual profits (or reduction of losses), beating a buy and hold strategy nearly every time. However, what we’ve been working towards first is which asset to pick. That’s a hard question, which will make the largest gains (or least losses).

And for that, we still have a while to go.

Closing Remarks

In the mean time, I’ll try to do this as often as I can. My goal is to check and move money as I see fit – even if it’s against the algorithm. My wife is likely giving birth this week, so I’m wondering if my gains could outpace my babies growth…

My last investment was $500 and lets see how far we can grow it by the end of the year.


Happy Investing!

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