CryptoCurrency Analysis #2

Earlier this week I released CryptoCurrency Analysis #1 (02/14/2018), during which I sold all my Litecoin (LTC). Considering I hate being out of the market – this morning I was deciding where to enter.

Bitcoin (BTC) – 02/17/2018

Today (compared to 02/14/2018), Bitcoin is a bit on the up trend. Overall, I believe it’s a wise decision to hold the coin for the time being. However, I’d be very hesitant to buy it at the moment, with recommending a hold pattern:

With that in mind, I’ll not be tossing any of my money that way.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – 02/17/2018

Bitcoin Cash on the other hand has moved to a strong buy position (according to

Personally, I feel it’s an alright time to buy Bitcoin Cash, as it is on the uptrend and is recommending. On the other hand, I think there is another better opportunity out there which potentially has more upside. Particularly, because there appears to be more development…

Litecoin (LTC) – 02/17/2018

Today, Litecoin is recommended as a sell / hold. It’s shot up a lot, but the Experts’ Opinion on has not followed. In a sense, this means the price has likely outpaced its perceived value: has recommended a sell for the last several days, which had you been following the trend would have made significant gains. In fact, we sold right around $210, so we missed some of the gains, but had bought much lower (so we were up ~30%).

Ethereum (ETH) – 02/17/2018

Today, we are putting our money into  Ethereum. For better or worse, we view it as the current best opportunity over the next few days / week.

Part of the reason we favor Ethereum over Bitcoin Cash is, is there is simply more discussion and particularly more positive promotional score:

Ethereum is consistently more positive and thus we believe it’ll have a higher chance of being stable.

Overall Holdings – 02/17/2018

Today, I’m sitting at roughly 54% into Ethereum. While still holding the Bitcoin Cash I’ve had for some time, and a little bit of Bitcoin:

From here, we’ll see how long I hold these assets and when I’ll either switch to cash or move to another currency.

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