Increasing Data Density

One thing that is clear across the web, is that people really like data density. If you look at Reddit, you’ll see it’s as packed as can be with information. From the comment title to the image tag, the comment count, the votes, posted time, etc.

The goal is to make web browsing easy and information plentiful. There are better examples of course, Google search results, or my personal favorite Hacker News. Mobile applications such as Instagram and Snapchat, include this density as well. Trying to fill out each display with the maximum image possible.

The trick to this, is ensuring there is:

  • Enough space to clearly read the information
  • Information should be regularly updated

Having infromation that regularly updates being the only reason to keep it dense – so people can come back and scan the information quickly and make descisions.

Denser Crypto and Stock Information

As some users mentioned during our monthly survey; the density of information on the assets page was rather sparse. Improve this, we’re going to take two releases, but the most recent release has literally doubled the density:

As you can see, the space between assets is limited. The only disadvantage here is the fact there’s a bunch of white space.

The next release in / near April will see the addition of charts and / or stories (depending how best the space can be utilized). This will likely look similar to the breaking news section on the homepage:

So stay tuned for more!

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