March 2018 – Make Money in March

Copy of monthly email sent to customers for March 2018


Wait, it’s not March yet – why the March update?

We were too excited not to share! We are ahead of schedule and are going to save you / make you money (so read on friend)!

Thank you all for participating in Piglet Beta #3 and providing feedback. Just this month I’ve refunded a total of ~$1200 for those who completed the monthly survey (please fill it out).

March Update: Make Money in March

Feburary was a busy month. My son was born (Atlas), we broke one hundred paying customers, I closed 42 “issues” – 13 bugs & 29 features – which customers identified and somehow development is still on track!

My personal goal is to hit one thousand customers by end-of-year. With that in mind, please share with friends and colleagues. Currently, we only have enough funds through July 2018 (so we need more people!).

Ways to Make Money & Save

Make Money with Referrals – If you’re interested in participating in our referral program, please email me. At the moment, we are only accepting people who can net at least 10 referrals (i.e. have a distribution channel). We are offering 25% of all profit from those referred. Next month, we’ll open up the general referral program: one month free for both referrer and new user at registration.

Save Money with New Plans – We released a new “Beta #3” plan (it’s 80% off)! You can change your current plan to that plan – go to Account -> Subscriptions, then select the plan.

Email-Only Service – Next month I will be seperating out an email-only service, where you can create curated email notifications for yourself. They will be similar to those you receive from followed topics of It will be priced at $10 per month. This service is already and will continue to be available on

Exciting Updates

  • Improved mobile support site wide (including charts)
  • Assets (Crypto & Stocks)
    • Added sorting by Trade Potential
    • Added filtering by market cap
    • Added “Related Sector [companies]” to stocks
    • Added Trade Potential to index page
    • Added 1 day, 5/7 day, and month changes in price
    • Increased data density for quicker reviewing
    • Improved “Top Related Stories” for asset(s)
    • Real prices and volumes shown on asset charts (denormalized)
    • Added loading icon when switching timeframes (asset charts)
    • Improved trend notifications tracking “Company” or “Currency”
  • Trends / Notifications
    • When clicking “Get Notified” or “Follow” the type is not tracked
      • Types: Company, Currency, Phrase
      • Enables Trade Potential notifications [March 1st]
      • Must unfollow and refollow companies / currencies
    • (Email) Added links to subjects (to
    • (Email) Notifications of Trade Potential [will be out March 1st]
  • Landing page
    • Added rotating words describing what Piglet tracks
    • Added “How it works”
    • Added sale bar (how many beta spots are still open)
    • Revamped the demo section (simple & easy)
  • Subscriptions
    • Added ~2 new users per day since Beta #3 launch (late January)
    • Refunded $1190 to those who provided survey feedback
    • Added new (80% off plans) for the first 250 users on the Beta
      • Coupons still apply
      • One month free for feedback still applies
      • [Coming soon] Referrals will apply

Piglet Blog (posts below):

Upcoming (Next 30 Days)

  • General Referral program
    • One month free for both referrer and new user at registration
  • Emails
    • Show prior opinion when sending email on opinion change(s)
  • Assets (Crypto & Stocks)
    • Hourly tracking for fourtune 500 + top 100 cryptocurrencies
    • Minutely tracking for fourtune 500 + top 100 cryptocurrencies
    • Add Promoter Score to “Assets Chart”
    • Going to host new Email-Only service for curated emails
    • All users will have basic access to (no assets)
    • All servicing should be one through
  • Implement survey feedback / fix bugs

If you have any questions or concerns, please add to survey and / or reach out.

Happy Investing!

Austin, Piglet Team

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