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A mere four days ago I released the new “Plan” – a cheaper version of Piglet, specifically targeting only emails. Upon further consideration, I’ve decided to remove them from the home page (you can still change the plan via the subscriptions setting). The reasoning behind this is simple – I realized I wasn’t being laser focused on the single product: the financial system.

Why the change?

I realize this was a quick change – you may be asking, what prompted it? The answer is simple and twofold…

First, a user on Reddit suggested I was doing to much on a single landing page. It may sound odd, I’m listening to some random persons advice, but the fact is they’re right‘s landing page was trying to do too much. I have done a lot of research, built more landing pages than I can count, even give advice to others. Apparently, I needed a stranger pointing it out for me to fix it this time.

The second, and perhaps more important reason was pointed out by Patrick McKenzie (patio11 on HN) in his blog post: Business of‘s price point is likely too high ($50 / month) for low touch, non-enterprise sales. A more reasonable price would be $5 / month to $20 / month. I feel proud I’ve gotten an average of 2.2 signups per day at $50 / month (for a consumer product, with sub-par landing page), but I feel limiting scope initially can have it’s benefits.

Structure Going Forward

Reverting back to a single plan (for the moment).

The price of during beta is now going to be the following (for monthly pricing):

  • 80% off for the first 250 users ($10/month)
  • 60% off for users 250 – 500 ($20/month)
  • 40% off for users 500 – 750 ($30/month)
  • 20% off for users 750 – 1000 ($40/month)
  • Full price after

This may change, but for the moment this should help me get more users registering. Further, the following will still be in effect:

  • Refund monthly payment after feedback
  • Coupon codes (25% off – pigletblog2018)
  • Our referral program launches in March

With all of this, I hope we can up to an average of 5 – 10+ registrations a day.

At the end of the beta, it is likely all users will be migrated to the full plan. Current users on the old $50 / month plan will receive an email asking if they wish to be migrated to the cheaper plan (in March) for the duration of the beta.

Separating Out Services

As mentioned in a previous blog post, some services are going to be placed into a separate brand. While still accessible from the main site, there will be a separate site, which hopefully will attract different users. will be a consumer site, focusing on investing.

New Look

With all of that said, we have updated the landing page:

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