March Stats & Invoice Notifications


One thing I’m meticulous about is stats. I try to maximize return to my customers and work hard to ensure my systems are the best possible.

In that regard, one thing I’ve implemented this week – invoice notifications. From here on out, I am notify every customer of how much their payment will be and if they would like to provide feedback (for one month free), they can.

Signup Stats

With that in mind, some quick stats:

  • Of the 40 people who signed up for a trial last month (at $25 – $50 per month), 28 converted to users
  • Of the 28 converted, 15 provided feedback and were provided the next month free
  • Of the 12 who didn’t convert to “paying users”, 4 provided feedback and are still participating
  • That makes a total of 32 people

Those numbers may not sound great to you. However, given I haven’t advertised or otherwise done much of anything besides occassionally mention ProjectPiglet in a comment and let my current users share, that’s pretty exciting. It’s a pretty expensive product for a consumer. What’s getting me more excited, is with the influx of users over the last 6 weeks (~100), my emails stats have stayed consistent.

Email Stats

Last month, we sent 1,718 emails (trade, opinion change, invoice notifications), that’s up from the 767 we sent the prior 30 days.

The good news about that, is although we’ve had an uptake, we’ve maintained the exact same open and click rates between both 30 day segments:

Which I’m reading as, we have a product people want – as those open & click rates are high for the average website. Especially, considering we send an average of 2.2 emails a day for a user with notifications set.

Which brings me to my last point, only 50% (~50 users) are following trends / topics. Of those, if user followed at least five trends / topics, they were 100% likely (thus far) to convert to a full customer. Thus my goal for the next month is to improve the new customer experience to ensure I can improve the following of trends / topics / assets.

Anyway, that’s it for now! Good news!

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