New Onboarding Process

In addition to the exciting news about our Refer a Friend Program, we also improved our onboarding.

In this particular case, we’ve stolen a page from the Twitter onboarding process… We noticed we had a 100% convergence rate of customers (from trial to paying), if they were following at least five topics. It appears Twitter made a similar discovery!

As of today, all new users are greated by a selection of topics may want to follow:

These are curated list of topics I personally found to be fairly interesting and representitive as a whole of the category. This should be improved over time, but for the moment each one of those categories follow at least five topics, with some (such as Sicence) following as many as twelve. Users can select as many categories as they’d like.

Further, after that, now all users will be immediately thrown into a tour. Personally, I tend to dislike that option. However, because we are now encouraging the following of topics immediately, the tour link will be less bold and in your face.

Users will only see the large “Click to Begin Guided Tour” if they are not alrady following five topics (aka skipped selection, which we do allow):

If people are interested in following those general categories, you can go to and select them (even if you already have been using the service).

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