Refer a Friend Program!

Today we’re happy to announce we’ve officially added our referral program!

The details are below!

Refer a Friend

Get 90 days free subscription ($150 value) in 2 minutes or less!

Here’s how it works:

    1. Refer someone you know providing the following link:<link on refer page for>
    2. They click on the link
    3. They sign up, with their credit card and activate their account.
    4. You immediately receive 90 days free on your subscription (in form of “trial”)

That’s it! Round trip, it should take less than two minutes.

Refer Lots of Friends!

In addition, we also have an Influencer Referral Program, accessible to users who have referred over 10 users. We offer a percentage of profits! This works by providing a coupon code and all users who use that coupon code are associated with you.

We provide a 10% – 50% cut of sales (depending on influence).

If intersted, contact us directly.

** Note: We reserve the right to cancel this program at any time.

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