April 2018 – Updates

Below is a copy of our monthly newsletter for April 2018


Thank you all for participating in Piglet Beta #3! This month I’ve refunded a total of ~$2000 for those who completed the monthly survey. If you’d like to save money, please fill it out!


March Recap

During March we made steady improvements to the site and platform as a whole. The primary focus has been fixing various issues found by all of you and improving onboarding.

Ways to Make Money & Save

Make Money with Referrals – 90 days free, per referral

Save Money with New Plans – We released a new “Beta #3” plan (it’s 80% off)! You can change your current plan to that plan – go to Account -> Edit Subscriptions, then select the plan.

Exciting April Updates:


  • Landing page & Onboarding
    • Improved “regular price” display (was big, tacky red line)
    • Onboarding category selection, select up to five general categories
    • Mimicked Twitter onboarding process
    • Guided tour always available
  • Users & Subscriptions
    • Launched referral program
    • Growing through organic shares (i.e. no ads or marketing)
    • Added “30 days free” button
    • (Admin Only) Added user specific analytics
    • (Admin Only) Features to enable multiple web portals
  • Assets (Crypto & Stocks)
    • Active users add/edit associated brands for stocks
    • Added sorting Crypto by daily trade volume
    • Fixed stock ticker(s) impacting search results
    • Added real-value for volume and stock/crypto price
    • S&P 500 is up-to-date within 2 – 3 hours for stocks
    • Top 150 cryptocurrencies tracking time is 20 minutes
    • All Cryptocurrencies tracking time has a <3 hour delay
    • Trade potential is calculated every 3 hours
    • Fixed NaN dates bug associated with Safari
  • Trends / Notifications
    • Show trade potential on notifications
    • Removed gray box on header of emails
    • Notifications of pending charges, with free option
      • With this change, I will stop reaching out directly
    • Fixed weekly and monthly notification bug (wasn’t sending)
  • Enterprise

Piglet Blog (posts below):

Upcoming (Next 30 Days)

  • Assets (Crypto & Stocks)
    • Add top stories to asset(s) chart
    • Add net promoter to asset(s) chart
    • (Possibly) Hourly tracking for top stocks and cryptocurrencies
    • (Possibly) Minutely tracking for top stocks and cryptocurrencies
  • Trends / Notifications
    • Feedback mechanism for indicating “these stories don’t match subject” – this will improve notifications
  • Lettergram.net (Rollover from last update – delayed)
    • Going to host new Email-Only service for curated emails
    • All users will have basic access to ProjectPiglet.com (no assets)
    • All servicing should be one through Lettergram.net
  • Additional Blog posts
  • Implement User Feedback & Smash Bugs
  • (Possibly) Add feedback directly through website
    • This is going to replace the google form
  • Architectual / design changes to improve website speed

If you have any questions or concerns, please add to survey and / or reach out.

Happy Investing!

Austin, Piglet Team

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