Announcing Metacortex

As some of you may have noticed, recently I took a brief haitus (from blog posting & updates).

There has been a lot going on and although I have been able to manage most technical issues, new features and blog posts have taken a back seat.

Primarily, this is due to my limited bandwidth: 20 – 30 hours a week at the moment. However, I’m excited to announce, we do have some updates this month!


We are pleased to announced!

The goal of which is Enterprise Knowledge Management – find experts, search content, track mood, reduce duplication and more!

The end goal for was always to accomplish two goals:

  1. Debug the search and tracking algorithms for
  2. Keep the lights on while doing #1

To that end, it’s been a smashing success. The algorithm (ExpertRank) is currently being drafted for patenting (provisional filed), and should be filed within the next few weeks. In addition, we have several working demos and I personally (and others) continue to use regularly to make gains on the market (over the last year: 55%, lower than last year). was always intended to be limited in scope; with search being the real end goal. Since 2013, when I wrote the first version of ProjectPiglet, I knew it could be more – a better search engine. This has been exhausted since I’ve started working corporate jobs; I’ve grown to yearn for that search engine.

Even alluding to the fact I didn’t think search was solved (or could be solved) on my personal blog. The point is, if I focused entirely on I would be doing a disservice to myself, my company, and probably to you.

The Future

Unfortunately, this means two things:

  1. We’ll be competing in the enterprise search space, doing B2B
  2. Minimal effort toward new features on

Competing in the enterprise search arena is scary, not only are there big players, there are free players! With that in mind, I have spent the past few months patenting what I could and obfuscating the rest.

As for development on; the demos still rely on the data collected. Meaning, it’s not going anywhere any time soon. It’s the testing ground for the enterprise search. Meaning, it’s necessary to maintain the project, if is to be a success. On the other hand, development outside the scope of enterprise search will be limited (i.e. probably no nicer financial charts). In addition, today I still use regularly to make money.

In other words, will continue – albeit primarily for bug squashing and any new features will be focused towards the end goal of improving search and the algorithms.

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