New Onboarding Process

In addition to the exciting news about our Refer a Friend Program, we also improved our onboarding.

In this particular case, we’ve stolen a page from the Twitter onboarding process… We noticed we had a 100% convergence rate of customers (from trial to paying), if they were following at least five topics. It appears Twitter made a similar discovery!

As of today, all new users are greated by a selection of topics may want to follow:

These are curated list of topics I personally found to be fairly interesting and representitive as a whole of the category. This should be improved over time, but for the moment each one of those categories follow at least five topics, with some (such as Sicence) following as many as twelve. Users can select as many categories as they’d like.

Further, after that, now all users will be immediately thrown into a tour. Personally, I tend to dislike that option. However, because we are now encouraging the following of topics immediately, the tour link will be less bold and in your face.

Users will only see the large “Click to Begin Guided Tour” if they are not alrady following five topics (aka skipped selection, which we do allow):

If people are interested in following those general categories, you can go to and select them (even if you already have been using the service).

Refer a Friend Program!

Today we’re happy to announce we’ve officially added our referral program!

The details are below!

Refer a Friend

Get 90 days free subscription ($150 value) in 2 minutes or less!

Here’s how it works:

    1. Refer someone you know providing the following link:<link on refer page for>
    2. They click on the link
    3. They sign up, with their credit card and activate their account.
    4. You immediately receive 90 days free on your subscription (in form of “trial”)

That’s it! Round trip, it should take less than two minutes.

Refer Lots of Friends!

In addition, we also have an Influencer Referral Program, accessible to users who have referred over 10 users. We offer a percentage of profits! This works by providing a coupon code and all users who use that coupon code are associated with you.

We provide a 10% – 50% cut of sales (depending on influence).

If intersted, contact us directly.

** Note: We reserve the right to cancel this program at any time.

March Stats & Invoice Notifications


One thing I’m meticulous about is stats. I try to maximize return to my customers and work hard to ensure my systems are the best possible.

In that regard, one thing I’ve implemented this week – invoice notifications. From here on out, I am notify every customer of how much their payment will be and if they would like to provide feedback (for one month free), they can.

Signup Stats

With that in mind, some quick stats:

  • Of the 40 people who signed up for a trial last month (at $25 – $50 per month), 28 converted to users
  • Of the 28 converted, 15 provided feedback and were provided the next month free
  • Of the 12 who didn’t convert to “paying users”, 4 provided feedback and are still participating
  • That makes a total of 32 people

Those numbers may not sound great to you. However, given I haven’t advertised or otherwise done much of anything besides occassionally mention ProjectPiglet in a comment and let my current users share, that’s pretty exciting. It’s a pretty expensive product for a consumer. What’s getting me more excited, is with the influx of users over the last 6 weeks (~100), my emails stats have stayed consistent.

Email Stats

Last month, we sent 1,718 emails (trade, opinion change, invoice notifications), that’s up from the 767 we sent the prior 30 days.

The good news about that, is although we’ve had an uptake, we’ve maintained the exact same open and click rates between both 30 day segments:

Which I’m reading as, we have a product people want – as those open & click rates are high for the average website. Especially, considering we send an average of 2.2 emails a day for a user with notifications set.

Which brings me to my last point, only 50% (~50 users) are following trends / topics. Of those, if user followed at least five trends / topics, they were 100% likely (thus far) to convert to a full customer. Thus my goal for the next month is to improve the new customer experience to ensure I can improve the following of trends / topics / assets.

Anyway, that’s it for now! Good news!

March 2018 – Make Money in March

Copy of monthly email sent to customers for March 2018


Wait, it’s not March yet – why the March update?

We were too excited not to share! We are ahead of schedule and are going to save you / make you money (so read on friend)!

Thank you all for participating in Piglet Beta #3 and providing feedback. Just this month I’ve refunded a total of ~$1200 for those who completed the monthly survey (please fill it out).

March Update: Make Money in March

Feburary was a busy month. My son was born (Atlas), we broke one hundred paying customers, I closed 42 “issues” – 13 bugs & 29 features – which customers identified and somehow development is still on track!

My personal goal is to hit one thousand customers by end-of-year. With that in mind, please share with friends and colleagues. Currently, we only have enough funds through July 2018 (so we need more people!).

Ways to Make Money & Save

Make Money with Referrals – If you’re interested in participating in our referral program, please email me. At the moment, we are only accepting people who can net at least 10 referrals (i.e. have a distribution channel). We are offering 25% of all profit from those referred. Next month, we’ll open up the general referral program: one month free for both referrer and new user at registration.

Save Money with New Plans – We released a new “Beta #3” plan (it’s 80% off)! You can change your current plan to that plan – go to Account -> Subscriptions, then select the plan.

Email-Only Service – Next month I will be seperating out an email-only service, where you can create curated email notifications for yourself. They will be similar to those you receive from followed topics of It will be priced at $10 per month. This service is already and will continue to be available on

Exciting Updates

  • Improved mobile support site wide (including charts)
  • Assets (Crypto & Stocks)
    • Added sorting by Trade Potential
    • Added filtering by market cap
    • Added “Related Sector [companies]” to stocks
    • Added Trade Potential to index page
    • Added 1 day, 5/7 day, and month changes in price
    • Increased data density for quicker reviewing
    • Improved “Top Related Stories” for asset(s)
    • Real prices and volumes shown on asset charts (denormalized)
    • Added loading icon when switching timeframes (asset charts)
    • Improved trend notifications tracking “Company” or “Currency”
  • Trends / Notifications
    • When clicking “Get Notified” or “Follow” the type is not tracked
      • Types: Company, Currency, Phrase
      • Enables Trade Potential notifications [March 1st]
      • Must unfollow and refollow companies / currencies
    • (Email) Added links to subjects (to
    • (Email) Notifications of Trade Potential [will be out March 1st]
  • Landing page
    • Added rotating words describing what Piglet tracks
    • Added “How it works”
    • Added sale bar (how many beta spots are still open)
    • Revamped the demo section (simple & easy)
  • Subscriptions
    • Added ~2 new users per day since Beta #3 launch (late January)
    • Refunded $1190 to those who provided survey feedback
    • Added new (80% off plans) for the first 250 users on the Beta
      • Coupons still apply
      • One month free for feedback still applies
      • [Coming soon] Referrals will apply

Piglet Blog (posts below):

Upcoming (Next 30 Days)

  • General Referral program
    • One month free for both referrer and new user at registration
  • Emails
    • Show prior opinion when sending email on opinion change(s)
  • Assets (Crypto & Stocks)
    • Hourly tracking for fourtune 500 + top 100 cryptocurrencies
    • Minutely tracking for fourtune 500 + top 100 cryptocurrencies
    • Add Promoter Score to “Assets Chart”
    • Going to host new Email-Only service for curated emails
    • All users will have basic access to¬† (no assets)
    • All servicing should be one through
  • Implement survey feedback / fix bugs

If you have any questions or concerns, please add to survey and / or reach out.

Happy Investing!

Austin, Piglet Team

Increasing Data Density

One thing that is clear across the web, is that people really like data density. If you look at Reddit, you’ll see it’s as packed as can be with information. From the comment title to the image tag, the comment count, the votes, posted time, etc.

The goal is to make web browsing easy and information plentiful. There are better examples of course, Google search results, or my personal favorite Hacker News. Mobile applications such as Instagram and Snapchat, include this density as well. Trying to fill out each display with the maximum image possible.

The trick to this, is ensuring there is:

  • Enough space to clearly read the information
  • Information should be regularly updated

Having infromation that regularly updates being the only reason to keep it dense – so people can come back and scan the information quickly and make descisions.

Denser Crypto and Stock Information

As some users mentioned during our monthly survey; the density of information on the assets page was rather sparse. Improve this, we’re going to take two releases, but the most recent release has literally doubled the density:

As you can see, the space between assets is limited. The only disadvantage here is the fact there’s a bunch of white space.

The next release in / near April will see the addition of charts and / or stories (depending how best the space can be utilized). This will likely look similar to the breaking news section on the homepage:

So stay tuned for more!