New Onboarding Process

In addition to the exciting news about our Refer a Friend Program, we also improved our onboarding. In this particular case, we’ve stolen a page from the Twitter onboarding process… We noticed we had a 100% convergence rate of customers (from trial to paying), if they were following at least five topics. It appears Twitter […]

Refer a Friend Program!

Today we’re happy to announce we’ve officially added our referral program! The details are below! Refer a Friend Get 90 days free subscription ($150 value) in 2 minutes or less! Here’s how it works: Refer someone you know providing the following link:<link on refer page for> They click on the link They sign up, […]

March Stats & Invoice Notifications

Greetings! One thing I’m meticulous about is stats. I try to maximize return to my customers and work hard to ensure my systems are the best possible. In that regard, one thing I’ve implemented this week – invoice notifications. From here on out, I am notify every customer of how much their payment will be […]

March 2018 – Make Money in March

Copy of monthly email sent to customers for March 2018 Howdy, Wait, it’s not March yet – why the March update? We were too excited not to share! We are ahead of schedule and are going to save you / make you money (so read on friend)! Thank you all for participating in Piglet Beta […]

Increasing Data Density

One thing that is clear across the web, is that people really like data density. If you look at Reddit, you’ll see it’s as packed as can be with information. From the comment title to the image tag, the comment count, the votes, posted time, etc. The goal is to make web browsing easy and […]