New Beta Landing Page

A mere four days ago I released the new “Plan” – a cheaper version of Piglet, specifically targeting only emails. Upon further consideration, I’ve decided to remove them from the home page (you can still change the plan via the subscriptions setting). The reasoning behind this is simple – I realized I wasn’t being laser […]

New Plans, New Landing Page

From day one there have been plans for to support many different use cases. At the core, it’s an analytics platform centered around people. On top of the platform you can search news, follow sentiment on politicians, get investing advice and more. With that in mind, from the start of the website development (early-2017) we laid […]

CryptoCurrency Analysis #2

Earlier this week I released CryptoCurrency Analysis #1 (02/14/2018), during which I sold all my Litecoin (LTC). Considering I hate being out of the market – this morning I was deciding where to enter. Bitcoin (BTC) – 02/17/2018 Today (compared to 02/14/2018), Bitcoin is a bit on the up trend. Overall, I believe it’s a […]

CryptoCurrency Analysis #1

From here on out I’ve decided to do an investment post every week. I’ll spend my time doing an analysis of what I’m going to invest in and go over how it has been determined. Particularly, I’m going to be focusing on cryptocurrencies a stand alone investment (i.e. not mix with Stocks, although Project Piglet supports […]

Chart Design on Mobile

For many websites graphics are an intricate component, for it’s a requirement. In this article, we will discuss our old design, and why it didn’t work. Followed by the new design and implementation of our chart view(s) on mobile. We view this as a guide for anyone looking to improve their chart design on […]